Low Dollar Blues

Sally Albright
2 min readAug 16, 2023

The publication of this article tells me Republicans are terrified their debate will end up like the 2020 Democratic debates, where our candidates had to come up with zingers and take crazy positions they would have had to defend in the general.

Bring. It. On.

Individual donor requirements necessitate these extreme positions and rhetorical tricks.

Low dollars are generally sent impulsively, out of emotional fervor.

Nobody whips out their phone to send $5 when a candidate gives a measured, reasonable response.

People donating $2700 are going to give it more thought. But there are a lot fewer of them.

Tom Perez did this to us, trying to keep Bernie supporters happy.

He didn’t understand they were never going to be happy. Because it wasn’t about actual policy, it was about Bernie.

This is also why we needed Biden. He was the only one who could win.

He didn’t need snappy comebacks to stupid questions to “win” debates.

He didn’t need debates. He had 50 solid years of policy work on record.

He did not need defining. And he could not be redefined.

And that’s why Biden won the Presidency.



Sally Albright

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