When Millennials Consider The Ladder Theory…

Sally Albright
2 min readJul 10, 2021

Sally: … and so, girls have two ladders, see? And…

Millennial Guy 1: Why do the girls get so many ladders and guys only get one? I think I’m going to need at least three ladders.

Sally: Guys only have ONE ladder. That’s the whole point of the Ladder Theory.

Millennial Guy 2: I don’t feel seen.

Sally: Oh, the Ladder Theory sees you. It sees things you cannot see.

Millennial Guy 3: I’m gay, how many ladders do I have?

Sally: Huh… this is really more of a theory about straight people, but…. I feel like you have the same ladder, it’s just lying on the ground horizontally.

Millennial Girl 1: Okay, I counted and I have FIVE ladders.

Sally: NO! And if you keep thinking that way, we’re going to take away your good ladder and leave you with the bad ladder that NOBODY wants to be on.

Millennial Girl 2: I’m afraid of ladders.

Sally: You don’t actually CLIMB the ladder, it’s really more of a ranking system in your mind where you…

Millennial: I feel like you shouldn’t get to decide for someone else what ladder they should be on or…



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